Medical Annotation

OCR for medical records

AI and Machine Learning play a vital role in healthcare. It helps with the analysis and diagnosis of various critical diseases, with high levels of accuracy. We train the AI with annotated images like X-Rays, Ultrasound, MRIs, CT scans, and more digitized reports. Our industry-leading annotation platform labels data according to customer’s specifications and enables the technology to perform automated diagnosis.

Image annotation can enable healthcare institutes to provide digitized services including telemedicine, teleradiology, etc. It can help with digitizing important documents for easy storing, tracking, and sharing.

Symptom check for COVID-19

Through our multiple annotation techniques, we train COVID-19 machine learning models to predict the health and treatment needs of the patients. We also use the technology to spot visual patterns on the scans and provide a diagnosis. If the X-ray images are manually annotated, the AI will understand which area to focus on such as the lungs, heart, or another body part.